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RJ's voice has been chosen by internationally recognised names like BBC, Nickelodeon TV network, Johnson & Johnson, TalkSport, Smooth Radio, His Highness the Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, and more.  He helps creatives realise dreams for their work with his superb voice acting, narration, sound design and production.

RJ naturally has a commanding, persuasive, neutral/RP British sound with a voice age from mid 20s to early 50s... Perfect for grabbing attention and the all important call to action.

He's a master of UK (and foreign) accents too, able to turn on his warm, trustworthy and fashionable Yorkshire tones of his birthplace as easily as the regional Scottish accents from where he now lives.  Need a fun Cornish sound? He's got you. Perhaps a cheeky Cockney? Trust RJ.

Working from his own studio with WaveLab, Wavosaur and the ever reliable Audacity, he found a perfect match for his voice in the Samson MTR101a microphone through Focusrite's Scarlett Solo preamp after numerous trials. Delivering superb sound, every time.

Voice Description & Style Typically naturally strong, smooth, persuasive, passionate, engaging, intelligent, refined, commanding, dramatic, attention grabbing, But he's versatile and provides whatever the situation calls for.

Commerical Demo

Character Demo


“I recently put Rob forward for the voice-over for a Nickelodeon sponsorship campaign and they used his voice. I know that Rob can do other accents and voices with gravitas but what the client wanted was an upbeat friendly voice with a home-spun Yorkshire twang – and he delivered.”
~ David Chaudoir, Director, Nick Jr./Johnson & Johnson

"DreamCage Media Group, on behalf of Blurbinfo, recently commissioned RJ Bayley to perform, produce and do the sound design for an upcoming audiobook for indie sci-fi author Kneel Downe. The writing that we wanted turned into an audiobook required a lot more than just straight narration and RJ really stepped up to the mark.  Not only did he provide all the character voices with great creativity but also developed an immersive and atmospheric sound design that made the audio so much more than “just a reading”. Kneel Downe has said that the main character voice was “very close to how he ‘speaks’ to me” which shows how much RJ understood the source material and ran with it but he also took on board the minimal guidance that we gave him to produce something that we all love. RJs turnaround time was also incredibly quick and to the highest quality, with our change requests to the draft being actioned same day.  You may think that quality like this is well out of the price-range of independent authors but his pricing is highly affordable, especially for the quality product that we got at the end of it, and we have lined up several more projects for him to undertake in the future.  I would not hesitate in recommending his voiceover and audio services to anybody looking for quality creativity to enhance and give a new platform to their own work.”
~ Susan Omand, Co-Owner, DreamCage Media Group

"RJ went above and beyond from the outset of the project to completion: from a personalised sample of his work, an extremely speedy turnaround time, extra takes and great communication throughout. He understood the brief and provided a fantastic recording with the emotion and natural tone that we needed for the project. Would highly recommend his work. Thanks RJ!”
~ Louise, Nesta

Clients BBC Radio Scotland, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. Too, Nick Jr. Peppa, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai/Guaana Space Exploration Open Research, Johnson & Johnson, DreamCage Media Group, Nesta, HowExpert Press, Popcorn Horror, Castle FM Scotland, Cavalier Books, Links Radio, Douglas Anderson, animation director, Riley Tune - author, Alison Beightol - author, Alistair McIntyre, author and audio dramatist, Kamil Błaszczyk, game producer

Studio Details Samson MTR101a microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo preamp, Sound treated walls and ceiling, WaveLab LE8, Wavosaur, Audacity

Other accents Austraila, Eastern European, Cockney, Manchester, RP, Cornish, Birmingham, Yorkshire, General Scottish, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North American/GenAm, Southern US/Texas, South African/Afrikaans

Characters Bringing to life characters for audio, be it for audiobooks, audiodramas or adverts, is RJ's staple.  He'll give you what you were looking for, even if you didn't know what you wanted in the first place.  Existing characters done: Tom Hardy's Bane, Christian Bale's Batman, Heath Ledger's Joker, Sir Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, Bela Lugosi's Dracula,

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Jan is a London born actress trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

She is now a full time Voice Over artist and Audiobook narrator with over 50 audiobooks available on Audible.

She also records podcasts for major publications including The FT, The Economist, The Guardian, Aeon Magazine and many more.

He voice is clear, friendly, gentle yet professional and she is in great demand for explainer videos and E Learning projects.

She also voices villains and heros in video games using her versatility with accents and character voices.

Corporate Demo

Gaming Demo

Audiobook Demo

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Engaging, soothing, warm, seductive and reassuring.  Sexy and smooth or street-smart with cutting edge attitude.

Hard sell delivery, fast and attention grabbing, in-your-face, funny, or moderately paced and Informative, calm, sympathetic and slow, with a natural accent placed somewhere between upper lower and lower middle class - but can comfortably go either way!

Denny's diction is clear throughout and he can impersonate a wide range of character voices, many regional accents of both gender, and most age groups, cartoon voices and cats and dogs!


Demo 2

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German Female VO 3

Daniela is a native German professional voice over who also offers a certified translation/copywriting service.

Supported languages: German, English, French, Italian, others on request

Demo 1 Transatlantic English

Demo 2

Demo 3



Tuesday, 27 June 2017 11:10

Arabic Female VO

Fen is our Arabic (hailing from Palestine) female voice over with a clear, sincere, warm and engaging sound.  She has worked in the field of sound acoustics and voice for several years and is always hard working and willing to get stuck in to a variety of challenging situations.

Fen has excellent home recording facilities like all of our Great British Voices so she's efficient at recording, editing and sending quality audio fast.  She also offers a translation service.

Fen's voice is motivating, soothing, and powerful in a peaceful way.... the tone of her voice and flexibility in approach engage an audience in seconds, making that first impression really count.

Friday, 23 June 2017 13:27

Canadian Male VO 6

Ron is a full time Canadian non union voiceover artist.  His voice is best described as being both professional and warm and soothing.  Besides doing radio and TV commercials, corporate presentations and videos, he does daily IVR work with the British company PHMG. 

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

IVR Demo


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Will trained as a record producer at Southampton, worked as a radio presenter for two years and was then scouted by several agencies for his voice over talent.

Will's voice is perfect for luxurious adverts, documentaries or audio books.... anything that requires clarity and depth in a smooth neutral English accent.  Like all of our Great British Voices he has a home studio in Romsey, Hampshire with top of the range recording equipment and editing software, including an NTK Microphone and Logic Pro X.

Voice Age - 25-40 years

Natural Accent - RP/English

Other Accents - Upper-class English, CHAV, Cockney, Australian, American, Irish.

Impersonations - Michael Caine, Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken, Michael Gambon.

Fictional Characters - Bane (From Batman-Dark Knight Rises), Brian Badonde (From Facejacker) and Jack Sparrow.


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Rik is a British voice-over artist & radio presenter.  Born and raised in Eastbourne, East Sussex, he started volunteering at the local hospital radio station, Radio DGH, at the age of 15.

Voice DescriptionMale, ageless, deep, powerful, smooth, commercial.

After his mother spotted an advert for a part time radio producer at a Christian radio ministry in Eastbourne he left college.  His role at the Hour of Revival included recording and editing programmes for broadcast on Trans World Radio, Monte Carlo.  He then went on to HMV Radio, Galaxy Bristol, Radio Cheltenahm and ElevenSEVENTY before joining the Captial Radio Group as station producer in 1995. 

From there he joined Southern FM to host the afternoon show before producing Danny & Nicky In The Morning. He left in 1999 to host Drive on 103.2 Power FM where he remained until 2004, before joining kmfm in Kent and then Media Sound Holdings in Sussex, spending 4 years there as Head of Commercial Production.

Best known as a voice-over artist, especially imaging for radio and TV stations, his work is heard most notably in the UK as well as South Africa, the Middle East and Europe through his production company, Rik Scott Creative. Clients included Bauer, BBC, Wireless Group, M&S and NATS.


Station imaging : AM station voice for the Wireless Group - Signal 2 in Cheshire & Staffordshire, Pulse 2 in West Yorkshire & Swansea Sound.  Group Promo voice for Bauer's City Network.  Station voice for BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Oxford, BBC Radio Northampton, BBC Hereford & Worcester & BBC Radio Gloucestershire. Radio 2 UAE.  From 2009 to 2014 I was group voice for Real Radio in the North East & North West of England, Yorkshire, Scotland & Wales.  I was station voice for LBC News 1152am in London for 14 years from 2000.   Previously group voice for UKRD, Tindle, Lincs, Capital Group South & Heart S&P.   Overseas I’ve been station voice for Coast 103.2 Dubai. Also Red Cap Radio – South Africa, FMX - Bangkok, Channel 4 - Dubai, Radio 1 - Delhi, Radio Monte Carlo - Moscow & Kiss FM - Algarve.

Home studioGretch-Ken Sound Booth, Neumann TLM 103, SE Electronics Z5600A Mk2 & Aston Spirit Mics, Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp, Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec, Adobe Audition 3.0, Waves plugins for production work.


We’ve used Rik since I joined the station. His voice sits excellently as our station voice – powerful and strong for our Top of Hour imaging – but his tracks are very versatile, which have led us to use him to voice a number of different programmes and trails.  His pacing and strength of delivery come in to their own when it comes to sport trails, or situations where we want our imaging to sound dramatic. Rik’s versatility, however, is also evident when he voices other items of audio for us, such as our Sunday breakfast show, which is gentler, calmer but still strong – or for when we’ve asked for his voice to sound like he’s having fun, such as our running gag in our Hereford Marathon trail!

– Mike Wyer, BBC Hereford & Worcester

I first started working with Rik when I was head of production for Guardian Media’s Real Radio Network and he was so good that when I moved to Bauer Media…I took him with me. He’s a true professional, polite, courteous and an exceptionally good voice over. He’s always willing to go that extra mile to help you out. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– Chris Ward, Bauer Media

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Steven B

Steven has been a professional voice artist for over 15 years.  Primarily working in the Australasian region, while he was based in Sydney.  Steven is a lot closer to home these days and looking to add some local brands to his already impressive list of international clients.

Commercial clients include, BBC Worldwide, Samsung, Duracell, McDonalds, Pepsi, Top Gear Live Show, Suzuki, HTC, Roadhouse Cinema, Nova Radio, Southern Cross Radio. Plus, Steven has also worked with numerous international corporations such as, CommSec, Accenture, SOCAR, P&O Cruises, IMC, Wolters Kluwer.

Because of Steven’s extensive work with different clients in varied territories around the world, he is extremely experienced and flexible when it comes to styles, accents and characters.  Moving seamlessly between, casual North American to informative British.  From a mate down the pub, telling you about the best deals on air fares to a knowledgeable European business advisor, giving tips on how to use the latest financial software.

Steven’s voice age range is 25-40 years and his natural accent is RP British.  He records from his sound proof home studio, which includes a Rode NT microphone and ProTools software.  For the larger, high profile jobs, Steven has access to a professional recording studio, with all the latest gadgets and equipment. 

Compliation Demo

Natural Demo



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German Male VO 2

With a scientific and top manager background Ilja is a well-known film and music producer, international actor, award-winning musician and trained VO artist since many years.  Speaking 7 languages this German native has a versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

Versatile voice from warm, believable and friendly over educational, corporate and sophisticated to tough, powerful and even fun.

German native speaker. Also offering English and Spanish.

Own recording studio with SourceConnect, ipDTL and Skype Patch.

German Demo

English Demo

Spanish Demo


AEG, Allianz, Alting, American Express, Anki, Apple, Autodata, Avast, Beiersdorf, Bondex, Chiquita, Cisco, Connect Magazin, Continental Motors, Correos de España, Cremesso, Danaher, Dell, Deutscher Energiespardienst, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband, Dymo, Eli Lilly, Fujitsu, Harris Brushes, Hertz, Hi-Shock, Honda, Horisen, HTC Vive, IBM, Ingram, InterContinental Hotels, Imperial Tobacco, Jive, Johnson & Johnson, JVC, Lidl, Limeparts, Magna, Mallinckrodt, Mecalux, Microids, Microsoft, Natixis, NCR, Nvidia, Oracle, Primark, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Santander, SAP, Sealed Air, Scentsy, Sharp, Sonepar, Sparex, Tata Steel, Tennet, Toshiba, Ubisoft, Unilever, Viking, Visus, Vivitek