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RJ's voice has been chosen by internationally recognised names like BBC, Nickelodeon TV network, Johnson & Johnson, TalkSport, Smooth Radio, His Highness the Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates, and more.  He helps creatives realise dreams for their work with his superb voice acting, narration, sound design and production.

RJ naturally has a commanding, persuasive, neutral/RP British sound with a voice age from mid 20s to early 50s... Perfect for grabbing attention and the all important call to action.

He's a master of UK (and foreign) accents too, able to turn on his warm, trustworthy and fashionable Yorkshire tones of his birthplace as easily as the regional Scottish accents from where he now lives.  Need a fun Cornish sound? He's got you. Perhaps a cheeky Cockney? Trust RJ.

Working from his own studio with WaveLab, Wavosaur and the ever reliable Audacity, he found a perfect match for his voice in the Samson MTR101a microphone through Focusrite's Scarlett Solo preamp after numerous trials. Delivering superb sound, every time.

Voice Description & Style Typically naturally strong, smooth, persuasive, passionate, engaging, intelligent, refined, commanding, dramatic, attention grabbing, But he's versatile and provides whatever the situation calls for.

Commerical Demo

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“I recently put Rob forward for the voice-over for a Nickelodeon sponsorship campaign and they used his voice. I know that Rob can do other accents and voices with gravitas but what the client wanted was an upbeat friendly voice with a home-spun Yorkshire twang – and he delivered.”
~ David Chaudoir, Director, Nick Jr./Johnson & Johnson

"DreamCage Media Group, on behalf of Blurbinfo, recently commissioned RJ Bayley to perform, produce and do the sound design for an upcoming audiobook for indie sci-fi author Kneel Downe. The writing that we wanted turned into an audiobook required a lot more than just straight narration and RJ really stepped up to the mark.  Not only did he provide all the character voices with great creativity but also developed an immersive and atmospheric sound design that made the audio so much more than “just a reading”. Kneel Downe has said that the main character voice was “very close to how he ‘speaks’ to me” which shows how much RJ understood the source material and ran with it but he also took on board the minimal guidance that we gave him to produce something that we all love. RJs turnaround time was also incredibly quick and to the highest quality, with our change requests to the draft being actioned same day.  You may think that quality like this is well out of the price-range of independent authors but his pricing is highly affordable, especially for the quality product that we got at the end of it, and we have lined up several more projects for him to undertake in the future.  I would not hesitate in recommending his voiceover and audio services to anybody looking for quality creativity to enhance and give a new platform to their own work.”
~ Susan Omand, Co-Owner, DreamCage Media Group

"RJ went above and beyond from the outset of the project to completion: from a personalised sample of his work, an extremely speedy turnaround time, extra takes and great communication throughout. He understood the brief and provided a fantastic recording with the emotion and natural tone that we needed for the project. Would highly recommend his work. Thanks RJ!”
~ Louise, Nesta

Clients BBC Radio Scotland, Nick Jr., Nick Jr. Too, Nick Jr. Peppa, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates and the Ruler of Dubai/Guaana Space Exploration Open Research, Johnson & Johnson, DreamCage Media Group, Nesta, HowExpert Press, Popcorn Horror, Castle FM Scotland, Cavalier Books, Links Radio, Douglas Anderson, animation director, Riley Tune - author, Alison Beightol - author, Alistair McIntyre, author and audio dramatist, Kamil Błaszczyk, game producer

Studio Details Samson MTR101a microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo preamp, Sound treated walls and ceiling, WaveLab LE8, Wavosaur, Audacity

Other accents Austraila, Eastern European, Cockney, Manchester, RP, Cornish, Birmingham, Yorkshire, General Scottish, Edinburgh, Glasgow, North American/GenAm, Southern US/Texas, South African/Afrikaans

Characters Bringing to life characters for audio, be it for audiobooks, audiodramas or adverts, is RJ's staple.  He'll give you what you were looking for, even if you didn't know what you wanted in the first place.  Existing characters done: Tom Hardy's Bane, Christian Bale's Batman, Heath Ledger's Joker, Sir Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, Bela Lugosi's Dracula,


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