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Jenny's voice is real. Believable.  Young(ish), quirky, upbeat and engaging.  A warm northern voice, clear and conversational, bright and energetic with a Lancashire twist.

From girl next door, to energetic young Mum to edgy youth, Jenny's voice is equally at home in a regional radio ad or edgy Spotify sound bite as it is in a professional corporate read or compassionate charity project. 

In the late teens to mid-40’s age range, Jenny can temper tone from fun and enthusiastic to compassionate and understanding, sophisticated and stylish right around to confident and contemporary.  She is often booked as ‘the voice of the customer’ or when clients want an authentic northern voice to create real standout for their brand.

Voice Descriptionengaging, young, warm, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, cheerful, relatable, confident, youth, hip, bright, clear, chatty, melodic, quirky, open, animated, believable, natural, real, upbeat, honest.

Accents - Jenny has a natural Lancashire accent, but northern accents are her forte, particularly Scouse, Mancunian, Yorkshire and of course broad Lancashire.  She can also read completely naturally and believably in Welsh, Cockney, Scottish and Irish accents as well as internationally - standard, none regional American, New York, Texan, Californian, Russian, French and Australian.

Characters - what do you need?  Sloany, excitable Aussie, bumbling old Lord, deep south redneck, Texan dixie chick, well spoken newsreader, Californian valley girl, agressive Russian, French seductress, Lancashire lass, edgy Landan teen innit… give Jenny 20 minutes prep and there isn’t much she can’t do.

A commercial and corporate VO with an impressive portfolio of radio, animation, film, corporate, audiobooks, promo, product demo, e-learning, in-store, on-hold and IVR projects.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Narrative Demo

IVR Demo

Clients - Bauer, Global, The Wireless Group, The Co-Operative Bank, Spotify, Colgate Max White Extra White, BBC Bitesize, TUC, The University of Manchester, Merseyrail, NHS, Arts Council England, Total Fitness, Yopa, Shop Direct, Minecraft, Think Money Group, The Scout Network, Plantur 39, Huawei, Pfizer, Celgene, Eon, The British Heart Foundation and Talk Talk.

StudioRode NT1-A Mic, Focusrite 2i2, Macbook, Adobe Audition, ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype

Jenny has an in-depth understanding of the radio industry in particular, having enjoyed a 10-year career in sales, creative and voiceover for Bauer, Global and The Wireless Group.  She is also a creative copywriter and still writes ads on a freelance basis for The Wirless Group.  So, she understands the creative process and the importance of interpreting copy and taking direction effectively.  As a result, commercial delivery comes naturally.

“Jenny has a very clear voice with great intonation. She was asked to narrate a film for a high profile client on a fast turnaround and she delivered on time and on budget. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
"Jenny is one of the friendliest and easy to work with people I deal with on a weekly basis. Never one to turn down a challenge, Jenny deals with each project with a cheery demeanour. Professional and helpful to a fault, I can't recommend her highly enough."


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