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Vicky is a qualified Spanish Castilian (standard European Spanish) voiceover with a long professional career.  Her voice, amazingly versatile, can suit the appropriate read you´re looking for.  She has worked in some of the most important radio stations in Spain, like Radio Nacional de España RNE, Cadena SER or Canal Sur, where in addition she was the corporate voice of Canal Sur Uno-Fórmula Uno.

Vicky also specialises in character voices especially children's voices and is fluent in English so also offers a translation service.  She directed and presented Boca a Boca, a radio music programme on the air for more than seven years.  Likewise, it is worth mentioning her work as a producer, and as a voice actress for Canal Sur TV and other national channels.  Since 2004, she records as a freelance VO at her home studio for international companies and brands.

Spanish Demo

English Demo



“I worked with Vicky for more than 10 years. Our company is specialised in audio recordings, mainly for museum audio guides, among other, we have done projects with the British Museum, Shakespeare Globe Theater, Moma, Metropolitan and much more. Those projects require a high level of professionalism, but also a high reliability to ensure the highest product quality as well as a very precise time delivery. Vicky has handled many of our projects at the highest level. She is very professional, and very precise on time. She has never been late, she is always positive, ready to help, manage easily with last minute changes when they occur and always think how to solve problems instead of complaining about them. I totally trust Vicky, when I send her our projects, I feel calm and confident, which is very important in our profession”

-Thierry Wieder, VP Localization, Elrom Perfect Voices

"Vicky has a professional voice full of nuances. Her versatility to adopt different vocal ranges depending on the project in which she participates is complete "

-Alain Uceda . Brand and Corporate Communication

"Besides having one of the best warm voices in Spanish , Vicky is also capable of cooking high quality radio programs"

-Roberto Loya, former Vice-principal of Culture Department at Radio Nacional de España RNE




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