Bulgarian Female VO

Devora is a British/Bulgarian actress who trained at Drama Studio London. She has a natural British sound but remains fluent in both Bulgarian and Russian. She works in all areas of the voiceover industry and has voiced projects from everything to start-up companies, to animations and software corporate commercials.

Voice & Accent:  Devora has a smooth, assured and confident voice with a playing age that can range from mid-20s to mid-30s. She is skilled at using both the upper and lower registers of her voice to create a different sound and energy and has a natural British/Estuary accent. She is fluent in Bulgarian, Russian and English and works in many other accents, including Essex, Australian, American and Eastern European.


Bulgarian Demo
English Commercial Demo
English Documentary Demo

Clients: Skill Earner

Studio:  Devora is based in London so has local access to London Studios. 



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