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The 'One Voice' Nominations are in...

The #OVC19 Nominations are in and we are delighted to announce that over 30 of our artists have been nominated this year, many in multiple categories... To listen to their demos, just click on the links below or to book, contact me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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 Female VO of the Year!

Male VO of the Year!

Animation - Best Character Performance

 Audiobooks - Best Performance - Factual

 Audiobooks - Best Performance - Fiction

 Best Outtake of the Year

 Demo Reels - Best Performance

 E-Learning - Best Performance

 Gaming - Best Performance

 Live Events Announcer (VOG)

Radio - Commercial Best Performance

 Radio -  Drama Best Performance

 Radio - Promo Best Performance

 IVR - Best Performance

 TV/Web - Commerical Best Performance

 TV - Documentary Best Performance

 TV - Promo Best Overall Performance


Watch the latest One Voice trailer ... and to book your tickets visit onevoiceconference.com







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