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Jack - unique trans-Atlantic sound that has a global appeal

Jack started as an actor in the UK theatre. He has since become recognised as a voice professional and has broadcast across South Africa, North America and Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia. His unique trans-Atlantic sound has a global appeal, from radio and TV to documentaries and corporate AVs on display in the White House in Washington DC. 

He was born in London but raised in Ottawa, Canada and settled in Cape Town in 2009.  

Voice & Accent:  Jack has a natural UK/US accent and speaks German and French, as well as some Italian and Spanish.   Jack's voice age ranges from 40 to 50 and has been described as clear, authoritative, gravitas, warm fireside, from neutral conversational to heavyweight epic. He can voice BBC (UK Rec’d Pron.), Scots (normal & comical), Northern, West country, London/Cockney, Welsh, Eire and Ulster; Canadian: Standard, Ottawa Valley (similar to that heard in Fargo); Standard US, southern US; comical regional; foreign: Italian, Spanish, French, German, Indian, African (straight and comical). 


Commercial Demo
Commercial Demo (American Accent)
Documentary Demo
Character Demo


Clients:  A veteran of over 500 scripts, he has done campaigns for a host of brands including Schweppes, USN, Puma, Nespresso, Audi, BMW and Mercedes and is currently the voice of the Talking Yellow Pages SA; his ads winning Epica awards and silver and gold at Cannes.  He can be heard regularly reading Sanlam’s business news podcasts and recently completed a second season of his fourth series of African wildlife documentaries with Homebrew Films, for Canadian broadcaster Blue Ant, televised in Canada, the USA and China.


As a recording engineer I work with Jack every month at Katalyst Studios, and what an absolute pleasure it is working with him. He's always early and well prepared, and willing to go the extra mile, apart from having a fabulous and versatile voice. I can definitely recommend him to anyone. 

Gideon Murray of Katalyst Studios


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