Movie Trailer Voiceover | The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Pete at Great British Voices

7th October 2019

It can be a busy life, being a professional voiceover talent. And for our artists at Great British Voices, that’s no exception.

Over the last month PETE, one of our BRITISH MALE VOICEOVER ARTISTS has been busy recording from his homestudio. 

One of Pete's biggest jobs this year (so far...) has been voicing the TV Commercial/Movie Trailer for Animal Friends Insurance in association with the animated movie The Secret Life of Pets 2...

Animal Friends x The Secret Life Of Pets 2 TV at Great British Voices from Great British Presenters on Vimeo.


Earlier in the year, Pete voiced a promotional video for The University of Innsbruck, a public university in Austria. Pete voiced the English speaking version of the video from his London based studio, and dialled-in to the client via Source Connect Now. This meant that the client, who was still in Austria, could listen in and direct Pete while he recorded the script.

Pete also recorded an e-Learning material for Danone, a corporate read for Shift2Rail and an explainer/corporate VO for Wireless Logic, a British company who provide a global connectivity platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

VOICEOVER DanArt - Elearning at Great British Voices from Great British Presenters on Vimeo.

As a character actor, Pete can perform an array of characters and accents, but it was his pirate impersonation that won over the client when they were looking for the voice to portray the infamous pirate, Jack Rackham for their pirate exhibition in the Caribbean.

Flexible with his voice and recording schedule, Pete can have your script turned around quickly.

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Whatever your project, whatever the brief, we ensure that our professional British Voices offer outstanding services and deliver fast!