How Voiceover is Changing admist Covid-19

20th April 2020

There’s no denying that in the unfortunate current climate, the face of voiceover and how production is run has changed over the last month.

Fortunately for us at Great British Voices, all our artists have professional home studio’s and so mostly work from home already...

We are lucky, our VO's are proficient in using high-tech studio equipment, editing material and self-directing; many of our artists also have efficient dial-in facilities such as ISDN or ipDTL connections and if not, can connect via Skype, Zoom, Slack or similar…

And in the current circumstances, this is brilliant, as our artists do not need to travel to a studio to record a script.

Katie takes us around her home studio.

However, under these trying times, we are already seeing the production of many online videos come to a halt, and as such our enquiries for voiceovers are changing.

We obviously aren’t seeing a flux of holiday ads like in previous years, nor the ‘Voice of God’ enquiries for live announcers/MC’s which are popular for summer events and award ceremonies.

It’s likely that corporate narration will take a hit too.  However, as schools set to remain closed for the foreseeable future, it’s expected that e-learning will become more essential to everyday education.  

Audiobook narrators may become more in-demand to still educate and encourage imagination and creatively, especially in younger kids, throughout this period where home-schooling is now routine.  

Furthermore, as many businesses are now allowing employees to work from home, corporate training videos are also having an important role to play at ensuring employee’s skills stay relevant.  Similarly, information videos remain a great way to keep your employees and potential clients engaged - even if you cannot promote your business at this time, it’s still good to make your presence know.    

Is it likely we’ll expect an increase in medical reads over the next few months?  Quite possibly.

As we all try to establish a new way of working, we too, are altering our business model to help clients and our voiceover artists through these difficult times.

If you do find yourself needing a voiceover artist for any project: corporate, commercial, IVR, e-learning, narration, TV show, audiobook etc… then please do get in touch -

We have over 300 British vo artists, plus many international artists and we can also provide voice actors for character reads and children’s voices too - all of whom work from their homestudio.

Stay safe, and when you do need a voiceover artist for your project, we hope you consider our talent at

For bookings and enquiries contact Alex on 01753 439 289 or email