Congratulations to all our One Voice Nominees ...

2nd March 2020

We are excited to announce that many of our Great British Voices have been nominated for their voiceover talent at this year's ONE VOICE AWARDS. 

With over 70 nominations across multiple categories, we are wishing our voiceover artists all the best at this year's awards.

Animation - Best Character Performance - Female

Emily C. - "Bring The Noise" (Produced by Hannah Campbell for the BBC)
Julie-Ann  - "Codey and the Cloud" (Produced by Francesca Caleb-Landy for Kids Truck TV)

Animation - Best Character Performance - Male

Ian R. - "Vulture Senior" (Produced by Nate Bodiker for SmashHause)
Pete E.- "Pirate Experience" (Produced for Pirate Experience)

Audiobook - Best Performance - Factual

Hannah M. - "Superior - The Return of Race Science" (Produced by Melissa Nasson, Written by Angela Saini)
Liam G.- "This Searing Light, The Sun and Everything Else Joy Division" (Produced by Hilary Eurich, Written by Jon Savage)
Helen L. - "Hello My Name is May" (Produced by Chris Perks, written by Rosalind Stopps)

Best Children’s VO -

George Aged 11 - "Sunflower Fostering" (Produced by Carl Woods at Bauer)
Harriet Aged 13 - "Skanska UK Net Zero Carbon" (Produced by Connected Pictures)
Tomi Aged 9 - "Foster Care" (Produced by Steve Withey at Sound Logic)

Tiny Great British Voices
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VO Newcomer of the Year

Ben W. - "Headway Leave a Legacy" (Produced by Melanie for Headway)

Best Outtake

Bruce - "Legacy Pets" (Produced by Rick Loynes for Wireless Group)
Ian B. - "Award Winning Earwax" (Produced by Chris Stephens for Ipswich 102)
Tanya R. - "On-Hold"

Continuity Performance

Jack - "House of Cards" (Produced by Diego Cassio for Virgin Media)

Best Performance - Corporate/Explainer

Jack - "Punch Taverns" (Produced by Tom Mulcrow for Seal Films)
Ben W. - "Headway Leave a Legacy" (Produced by Melanie for Headway)
Julie-Ann - "Ten Minutes to Bed" (Produced by Coda Productions for Ladybird Books)
Katie F. - "Grundon Materials Recovery" (Produced by Brett Davey for Content Creatures)
Anthony R. - "BMW i8 Launch" (Produced by Alex Schindhedlm for BMW)

Demo Reel - Best Female Performance

Blanche - "General Demo" (Self-Produced)
Luci - "Gaming Demo" (Produced by Kirsty Gillmore at Sounds Wilde)
Vicky T. - "Commercial Demo (Spanish) (Produced by Teresa Marcos & Rick Loynes at Demos De Voz)

Demo Reel - Best Male Performance

Ben W. - "Corporate Explainer Demo" (Produced by J Michael Collins at JMC Demos)

Best Performance - E-learning

Jo W. - "Making Marks - Planetarium E-learning Exhibition" (Produced by Simon Bowen for Newcastle University)
Julie-Ann - "Education City" (Self-Produced for Education City)
Sara St.- "Mercedes Benz - Learner Journeys" (Produced by Cristian Wiesenfeld for Mercedes Benz)

Gaming - Best Female Performance

Natalie Ch. - "Astrologaster" (Directed by Adele Cutting for Nyamyam Games)

Gaming - Best Male Performance

Ian R. - "Chernobylite" (Directed by Wojciech Rutkowski for The Farm 51)

VOG Announcer

Ian B. - "NHS In the North Awards" (Produced by Pete Pinnington)
Katy M. - "Awards in 2019" (Self Produced)

Radio Commercial - Female Performance

Abi - "Google Nest Mini" (Produced by Sarah Casserley for Google)
Blanche - "Sticky Heelz" (Produced by Steve Henderson)
Noni - "Janet the Dinosaur - Days Motorpark" (Produced by Tim Orr)
Sara St. - "Jolly Days Camping" (Produced by Howard Young)

Radio Commercial - Male Performance

Darren A. - "Discover Hastings" (Produced by Ella Stone)
Ian B.- "Pets In A Pickle" (Produced by Shelly Smith)
Jack - "Manchester City" (Produced by Craig Edmonson)

Radio Drama - Female Performance

Jenny M. - "Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle" (Produced by Mark Sandell for the BBC)

Best Radio Promo Performance

Abi  - "Radio Aire PINK Day Promo" (Produced by Tom Hall for Bauer)
Darren A. - "Bangers And Cash" (Produced for Jeremiah Busniak for Hit 92.9 Perth)
Ian B.- "The 6 Nations" (Produced by Mark Gabler and Chris Stevens for Nation Radio)

Best Telephony/IVR Performance

Alexia - "EON Energy Live Chat" (Produced by Tom King)
Ian B.- "Nisa In-Store" (Produced by Toby Huggins)
Jack - "Superdrug Mobile" (Produced by Toby Huggins)
Julie-Ann - "Heroes Roses Celebrations Co-op" (Produced by James Summers)
Mark R.  - "Tulley's Farm Halloween IVR" (Produced by Matt Jones)

Best Television/Web Commercial VO - Female Performance

Abi  - "Schwarzkopf - True Beautiful Honest" (Produced by Marco, Frank and Guus of Studio Make Creative Sound)
Alexia - "#LoveWomen Commercial" (Produced by Gerry Maguire for Stylist Magazine Online)
Louisa  - "" (Produced for
Luci F. - "CocaCola Christmas" (Produced by Tobie Pettitt for CocaCola Worldwide)

Abi's - "Schwarzkopf - True Beautiful Honest" VO

Best Television/Web Commercial VO - Male Performance

Jack - "Journeys" (Produced by Neil Rostance for Journeys Guitar Teaching)
Pete E. - "The Secret Life of Pets 2" (Produced by The Sound Company)

Best TV Documentary - Female Performance

Hannah SJ  - "Windsors at War/Royals on the Frontline" (Produced by Jonathan Mayo for Yesterday UKTV)
Lucy E. - "Pompeii" (Produced by Goowoo Media for Channel 5)

Best TV Documentary - Male Performance

Darren A.- "The Commandants Cook" (Produced by Christine Stihler for the Marchivum Mannheim)
Jack  - "Home Free" (Produced by Trevor Docksey for Channel 4)
Pete E. - "The Making of Riyadh" (Produced for Discovery)

Television Promo - Best Performance

Jack - "Virgin Kids Half Term" (Produced by Marleux Feyt for Virgin TV)
Jan - "Return of The Killer Binge" (Produced by Forest Erickson for HULU)


Female VO artist of the Year;

Katie F.

Male VO artist of the Year;

Ben W.
Chris T.
Ian B.
Ian R.
Mark R.
Pete E.

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