Choosing the Perfect Voiceover?

23rd September 2019

Choosing the perfect VO means finding an artist that your audience will relate to, but it can be a tricky business finding the perfect voice to represent your brand and values, especially if it’s a process you’ve not been through before.

At Great British Voices, we are here to make the process just that bit easier with a quick guide on how to choose the perfect VO for your project.

You want your voiceover to be engaging and relatable - an asset to your branding, and before even beginning your search, you probably already have an idea as what kind of voice you’re after.  You’ve probably decided (maybe even subconsciously) on the gender, age and accent of your voice artist just from the product you're looking to promote. If you’re producing an advert for ladies leisurewear, you’re probably already considering a female voice that reflects this; they may sound young, energetic, bubbly, fun and outgoing.

However, a voiceover promoting medical care is going to have a different vibe.  Maybe you’re still considering a female artist because you feel a female voice is more relevant to your audience; possibly because female voices are deemed softer, possibly more reassuring, nurturing even?  Yet, it’s worth considering whether a male voice work as well, or would it provoke different emotions/ convey a different message entirely?

And while most people opt for a neutral RP accent as this is considered more ‘unaccented’ and universal, if you’re target audience is based in Scotland, then a neutral British accent may not be as relatable to the consumer as a familiar Scottish brogue.

Once you have an idea as to the kind of voice you’re after, we can provide you with a variety of demos so you can discover what tone of voice you like and what you don’t.

Can you imagine the voice you’re listening to as the voice of your brand?

Ask others to listen also, maybe they have a different opinion on the voice or a different emotional response which can be extremely beneficial when considering the right voice for your target demographic.

And if this all seems a bit too overwhelming then don't worry, as Great British Voices can assist you in your search. If you’re still not sure as to what voice you’re after, we can help by creating personalised shortlists and provide custom-demos so you can hear a snippet of your material read aloud by your shortlist of artists before you make a final decision.

And if you’d like to audition a variety of voices, we can organise that for you too!

Enquire about hiring a voiceover today or email to book your chosen VO.