Budgeting for your Voiceover Project

27th January 2020

So, you require a voiceover artist for your latest project - maybe it’s an animation, e-learning video or a commercial; a corporate read, IVR recording or even an audiobook!

But when sourcing an artist do you have an idea as to what budget should you set aside?

At Great British Voices, we appreciate there is no such thing as a ‘standard rate’ and ALWAYS take our client’s budgets into consideration when providing a quote.

 However, we also never wish to undervalue the industry or artists. So, here are a few things we consider when providing our clients with a quote for their VO project -

  1. Length of the project - Can it be recorded in one session?
  2. Final usage - Online/Internal/Broadcast etc... all makes a difference!
  3. End client - Are they a well-known brand/company?
  4. Is dial-in required? - Can the artists record in their own time or do they have to schedule a time with you to direct?
  5. Can the artist record from home? - If travelling to a studio, artists expenses must be considered.
  6. Do you require full buy-out? - Will this be a one-off cost or renewed monthly/annually etc.

It’s also worth taking into consideration that you’re not only paying for the studio session on the day but, in most cases, you’re also paying for artists to clean/edit the material after and provide a round of pick-ups too, if required.

And where usage is involved, we always address renewing the rights to use the artist's voice on your project - in the same way, you’d renew your TV licence or your car insurance. 

One of the main reasons we do this is because voicing for one company/brand may prevent the artist from working for a similar/competing brand in the future.

If you’d like to see how we set our rates, then do click through to the UK Voiceover Industry Rate Guide.  

Dervla at GBV

Don’t let your budget stop you!  At Great British Voices, we have 100’s of professional British & International voiceover artists, all with their own homestudio set up, so they don’t have to book or travel to a local studio unless you require them too.

So, if you’d like to book a voiceover artist or discuss your project requirements contact alex@greatbritishvoices.co.uk

ALL of our artists are flexible with rates and providing that there is no ambiguity on where their voice is being used, then we are always happy to put artists forward for work.

Dial-in is also available with most of our artists so you can direct them as they record your script. 

And finally, if you don’t know what kind of voice you’re after, pop us an email and let us create you a personalised shortlist.

Whatever voice you're after, we'll source them for you at greatbritishvoices.co.uk