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In 2006, Emma was asked to voice the announcements for London Buses’ new onboard announcement system, iBus.  11 years and more than 60,000 announcements later, it’s fair to say that this job has completely changed the direction of Emma’s career – and she’s certainly not complaining!

Having trained as a dancer and spent several years dancing her way around the world, when her knees faltered Emma had a lasting ambition she wished to fulfil, to become a television presenter.  En route to becoming a TV weather presenter, Emma found and fell in love with radio, presenting breakfast shows for Cardiff’s Red Dragon FM and London’s Capital Gold along the way.  The sideline to chatting on the radio daily, was regular requests for voiceovers!  But it was the impact of the work for London Buses that turned voiceovers into a business and a passion.

Working primarily from her home studio in the heart of Teesdale, Emma voices for clients from around the world, working not only on transport announcements, but also on commercials, e-learning projects, explainer videos, phone systems and more.

Emma’s clients include: Transport for London’s Buses, Overground Trains and Riverbus systems and TfL radio advertising, Go North East’s buses, Amazon Fire TV, BP, Stanstead Airport, DLA Piper, Boehringer Ingelheim, Unilever, Anglia Examinations, Skype and many more.

VoiceEmma’s voice is accentless and clear, a little bit upmarket without being in the slightest bit plummy! Equally aspirational and accessible, but with depth and richness – hence being described as a ‘cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife’.  Her clarity makes her ideal for audiences where English is not the first language, which is no doubt why she works for numerous overseas clients, and on internationally-targeted e-learning projects. 

Studio Details Microphone – Neumann TLM 106, Pre-amp – Audient ID22, Editing software – Adobe Audition 3, ISDN, Source Connect, Skype.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

E Learning Demo


‘We’ve worked with Emma for more years than we care to remember! Emma is a versatile voice who has an amazingly high level of accuracy on the trickiest of scripts.’

‘Fast, very professional and extremely easy to work with’

‘Emma is awesome. I have used her several times for our corporate videos. She’s fast, accurate, and easy to work with. I recommend her whole-heartedly.’

‘Emma’s voice recalls a cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife!’

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German Female VO 3

Daniela is a native German professional voice over who also offers a certified translation/copywriting service.

Supported languages: German, English, French, Italian, others on request

Demo 1 Transatlantic English

Demo 2

Demo 3



Tuesday, 20 June 2017 18:27


The British Voice Over in the USA!  The guy next door who is trustworthy and natural.  A warm, confident, professional and trusting British accent with a hint of Scottish. 

Currently the voice for Rolls Royce Marine division with many other clients, big and small.  Craig has shared his voice on commercials, corporate narration, internet projects and much more and is extremely proud of the relationships that he has built with all of his clients. Providing an easy, trouble free solution for all of their needs.

Craig's voice has been described as a versatile baritone with an age range between 30 and 50.  His natural accent is very neutral with no regional bias. Craig can also adapt his voice to meet clients requirements ranging from a knowledgeable professor for some E-Learning clients to a smooth, comfortable and relaxed read that is very natural for long from narration.  Craig also has a engineering and training background which helps immensely when asked to perform complicated technical training narration.  He can do most regional accents including Scottish (He's actually Scottish believe it or not!), Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Yorkshire.

Working from a purpose built, professional, sound deadened home studio in Houston, TX, Craig is able to provide very quick turnaround times to all of his clients with extremely high quality recordings.  There is also the option of using some local studios in Houston which Craig has very good relationships with.

Craig looks forward to providing you with the perfect solution for your next Voice project!

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Documentary Demo

Audiobook Demo


"Craig gave us a solution to our project that was quite brilliant! From start to finish he made it so easy for us. Thanks Craig! We will definitely use you again."

David Parsons

"Thank you for your hard work on this Craig. You were responsive and professional from start to finish, and I will always be open to working with you."

Dale Dupuis

"An excellent job. You manage to convey interest in the subject and the intonation and your pronunciation is excellent. Well done!"

Dmitry Knyazev

"Thanks again for the performance – we like it very much and will also keep you in mind for projects in the future"

Rebecca Tildesley

"Fantastic job!!! The client was thrilled with everything provided :)"

Katie Cooper

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Sara is your friendly, approachable voiceover professional, with over twenty five years experience working with the BBC, corporate and commercial clients across the globe – and they keep coming back for more!

From her studio, she can connect via ISDN, ‘phone patch, ipDTL, Source Connect Now or Skype. Alternatively, she can simply self-direct & send you an audio file.

With a strong background working in live broadcasting for the BBC, whether it’s a commercial, an e-learning course, a corporate presentation, on-hold prompts, or an audio guide, Sara will deliver your audio with all the professionalism you’d expect - & she won’t be phased by those tricky technical & medical narrations either!

Voice style :- Calm, clear, assured, trustworthy, poised, playful, polished.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

E-Learning Demo

IVR Demo



Sara is delighted to have worked with many of the world’s biggest brands (& some of the smallest too!), including the BBC, BMW, LEGO, NHS, Samsung, Nokia, Novo Nordisk, Janssen, Mothercare, BNP Paribas Fortis, Maersk, Mira, Cisco, Danske Bank, Iceland, The Co-operative, Bauer, Global, UTV & many more.


We've used Sara as a voiceover for high-profile clients on many occasions and are happy to continue to do so. She's easy and fun to work with, delivers terrific audio on time every time and whatever bonkers script we throw at her comes back better than we expected. 
I have no hesitation in recommending her.

-Johnny Mindlin, Green Shoot.

Sara understands the way a script should sound with very little input from a producer or director, she just "Gets it". That's why we use her, and will continue to use her, it just makes our job as producer's easy.

-Simon Wood, Dubmaster Studios.

Sara has a surprisingly young voice for her age - so her unusual combination of a youthful voice with years of experience is a rare talent. She is reliable, friendly and delivers high quality work to often tight deadlines every time.

-Ricky Salmon, BigFish Media.

It has been such a privilege to collaborate with Sara on projects. To state what should be obvious, Sara has an incredible voice, but what truly sets her apart is her ability to interpret her role so effectively, and with little direction needed throughout the process. She understands the content, and in our case, the brand she is representing, and as a result, has the ability to effectively connect listeners with the message. In addition, with even the tightest schedules, Sara has always been able to deliver what was needed, when we needed it. It is always a pleasure to work with Sara and I certainly look forward to future projects together.

-Eric Pound, StudioNorth

Our client and ourselves were super happy and impressed with Sara's voiceover, and she even put up with us listening in live! No pressure :) A true pro! 

-Steven Warburton, Hello Evra

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Adrian has been a Voiceover Artist for several years.  His honeyed and versatile voice has been most frequently used to explain a whole host of educational materials, often for complex subjects.  Conveying a sense of trust and sincerity while keeping the listener engaged over a long period is something Adrian is particularly good at.

With a variety of satisfied high-profile clients (including Virgin Experiences and NetJets) Adrian’s clear, neutrally-accented but very alluring voice has found him in demand for all kinds of projects.  Whether describing the intricacies of an aircraft gearbox to engineers, or guiding students through the very basics of computer use, Adrian can instil a sense of confidence and warmth in your project with a voice that keeps your audience listening. In addition to selling and explaining, Adrian’s voice is a fantastic choice if you need to tell a story.  After years of practice, Adrian knows how to get the most out of a text and doesn’t need extensive rehearsals allowing his voice to bring depth and charisma (and quite a lot of characterisations, if needed) to the recording, while keeping studio time to a minimum.  

Working from a well-equipped, sound-deadened home studio based in London, Adrian’s technical prowess means he is able to create high-quality recordings very quickly.  Coupled to his very well-developed sight reading abilities, you can be sure that your completed recording will be delivered to you on schedule every time. Alternatively, all of the capital’s studios are little more than an arm’s reach away from him, if you’d prefer to use your own facilities.


Clients - Google (for Tom Baker Creative), Able Systems (for Inspired Film & Video), GroceryAid (for Minamon Films), Allen Young Shirts (for MHM Productions), Maxi-Cosi (for Iris Worldwide), Misys (for Brave Spark), Virgin Experiences, Netjets (for Kartoffel Films), RobustIT (2014 - 2017 continuing)


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