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Spanish Female VO 4

Beatriz has a wide experience as a voice over talent in her country of origin, Spain.  Born in Madrid, she has no local accent whatsoever and sounds neutral in a Castilian Spanish pronunciation, with perfect enunciation of the sounds that other Spaniards might get wrong, like the ending Ds and Ts at the end of words like Madrid.  But she can also imitate the common accent and get a more natural street-like voice when needed.  

She has worked as a voice artist for many different media –television, radio, Internet and corporate video, amongst others.  Apart from voice over, she can do character dubbing or just voice acting.

Being raised in a creative atmosphere, from a singer mother and a creative advertising writer father, she has always shown an interest in the media and anything related to voice work.  She has undergone a workshop for voice training and film dubbing for almost three years, where she was practically trained lip-synching films with many different kinds of characters or dramatic tones.  Beatriz also has a passion for the written word, acting, writing and translating.  She has a vast experience as a translator as well as a personal interest in how to avoid things getting lost in translation.  Several years ago, she started her own personal blog about the most correct ways to translate from English to Spanish. 

Beatriz’s voice in Castilian Spanish is professional, clear and very well enunciated. From her long years experience and acting training, she can give your content the tone you desire and she’s very flexible at following your directions.

English Demo

Spanish Demo


“Beatriz has such a beautiful voice”

-Valeria Mariner, C. E. O. at Cine 54, the company providing video content for Yahoo! for years now.

Clients - Yahoo!, Amena, Ministerio del Interior, Canal Satélite Digital, TVE2, Radio 3 de Televisión Española, Fox Kids, Quiero, Olimpo, Marie Claire, Comunidad de Madrid, Vía Digital, etc…

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Paul enjoys creating new characters, as well as impersonating well known voices, primarily from the world of cartoons, TV and cinema.

Clients have often commented on his range - pacey, contemporary, friendly young and intelligent.  Scripts delivered with bags of energy.

He has always completed projects on time and on budget, usually finishing quicker than expected to allow his clients time for Paul to vocalise any new ideas that they may have had whilst in the recording session.

Studio - Pro Tools, Sontronics Aria mic or a Rode NT1000 for much longer form narration.

Voice - Age 25-45 with a natural accent (RP/English) but Paul is able to do LOTS of other accents.  

Commercial Demo

Promo Demo

Animation Demo

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Lee is a British UK voice over artist with over 10 years experience in producing voice sessions for today's digital media.

His voice is in constant use - on the internet, on the radio and on the end of the phone!  Over the last 20 years Lee has been a radio presenter for numerous radio stations including Kerrang, Peak FM, Signal 1, The Revolution plus countless others and he has produced a vast amount of audio imaging, promos and commercials as his role as a commercial producer and Head of Station Sound.  

Lee is 41 years old but his voice has been described as very versatile with an age range of 25 to 45 year old.  He is able to adapt his voice from forceful corporate reads to smooth reassuring read and able to narrate large explainer videos or short station imaging liners. Lee also offers a small selection of character voices from a young child, to old man, Pathe BBC announcer type voice to man on the street.

His natural accent is Derbyshire but can change to suit your read style.

Studio Details

Fully soundproofed home studio. Voice booth features a Rode NT1A and a Neuman TLM 103 microphones and also a monitor to view scripts (Paperless) and for video syncing. Main studio comprises of a PC running Adobe Audition CS6 including Focusrite Red, Ozone 7 and Nectar plug ins. Hardware connected to the main voice booth is a Behringer Eurorack MX902, a Behinger Composer Pro MDX2200 and a Focusrite Scarlet Audio Interface. Studio and booth are connected via Skype.

Corporate Demo

Imaging Demo

Commercial Demo


Clients include

The United Nations, Ford, Meadowhall, Premier Stores, Sheffield Wednesday, PAC Motor Company, Open & Shut, Situp Studios, Red Man Films, Novaz Media Group, Sonic Spring, Gambado Play Centres, TrouDigital, Bet13, ErgoTech, Euro Trucks UK, Yelo Taxi Co, Reel Media Company, Fast Lane Audio, FlyClaims, Wessex FM, DS Smith Group, Nooteboom Textiles, Siendon, The White Cross, The Community Channel (Sky TV), The Wireless Group.

Station Voice / Imaging

Go Radio Glasgow, 96.2 The Revolution, Signal 1, Peak FM, Mixchart FM, Stratford FM, Trafford Sound, Leisure FM, Chelmsford Community Radio, Elastic FM, Hospital Radio Lynn, True 80’s Radio, Croydon Radio.



“Absolutely fantastic! Lee understood my brief perfectly and delivered several takes to make sure the voiceover was just right! Thanks Lee!”

-Kai Marsh Radio Show

“Perfect delivery right on time. Exceeded our expectations and brought quite a bit of his own creativity into the project. we WILL definitely work with him again!”

-Fly Claims

“Lee is a true pro - we look forward to working with him again”

-Gambado Play Centres UK “Incredible turnaround and remarkable read! Followed the brief perfectly and the end result was brilliant, a must have for your next project”


“Hi Lee. This is perfect. Such a quick turnaround and really nailed it. Will definitely be back for more! Thanks again”

-Roy Woodthorpe

“Fantastic. Would highly recommend Lee. I needed some work done quickly but because of the bank holiday was expecting a delay. I needn't have worried, 8 hours after placing the request I had the finished VO. Great service, Brilliant result. and despite the fact that it was a bank holiday weekend”

-Jo Scope

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