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Gayanne is an experienced and highly versatile voice artist.  Extremely adaptable and easy to direct, she is a native Scot but also works in neutral English and regional accents seamlessly.  Her voice is naturally warm, friendly, trustworthy and informative.  She has voiced thousands of TV and Radio commercials as well as characters for cartoons and computer games.  She also has exceptional natural narration skills and voices e-learning and documentaries regularly and is the on hold voice for many large companies including TSB, Apple, HBOS and Haven. Gayanne is the Voice of God for ITN, the Station Voice of LBC and Heart Scotland and is a Senior Voice Artist for the BBC. A trained actress and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music she has the uncanny ability to sound from 19 to 90 and can be heard regularly in dramas for Radio 4.

Gayanne is the on-hold voice for many large companies including TSB, Apple, HBOS and Haven.  Gayanne is the Voice of God for ITN, the Station Voice of LBC and Heart Scotland and is a Senior Voice Artist for the BBC.   A trained actress and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music she has the uncanny ability to sound from 19 to 90 and can be heard regularly in dramas for Radio 4.

She is a trained actress and graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music so she has the uncanny ability to sound from 19 to 90 and can be heard regularly in dramas for Radio 4.

Commercial Demo 

Scottish Commercial Demo

E-Learning Demo

Animation Demo

Gaming Demo

Promo Demo

On Hold Demo

Station Imagining Demo

Clients - ITN, ITV, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 7, L’Oreal, Virgin, Mercedes, Argento, Vodaphone, Stenaline, Volkswagen, Pandora, Boots, Porsche, CITV, BBC Bitesize, Peppa Pig World, Optical Express, Haven, TSB, Capital One, Scottish Water, Panasonic, Londis, Ministry of Sound, ITN, ITV, BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 7, L’Oreal, Virgin, Mercedes, Argento, Vodaphone, Stenaline, Volkswagen, Pandora, Boots, Porsche, CITV, BBC Bitesize, Peppa Pig World, Optical Express, Haven, TSB, Capital One, Scottish Water, Panasonic, Londis, Ministry of Sound.


Cube has employed Gayanne on a wide variety of voice over projects over the years and we have never failed to be impressed – not only by her enormous talent and versatility both as a straight VO and a character voice, but also by the energy, professionalism and good humour she brings to every recording session. Sid Petit – Cube Productions 

Gayanne Potter is, without a doubt, the most talented female voice over artist I know. She always gives 100% and never fails to amaze both the creative team and the clients. - Martin Maclennan - Creative Producer, Bauer Radio.

Working with the very brilliant Gayanne over the years has been nothing but a pleasure. She is the consummate professional. Versatile, gutsy and the best of craic! We just keep coming back for more. Larry McGarry - Exec Creative Director, Ardmore Advertising


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Jenny M

Jenny's voice is real. Believable.  Young(ish), quirky, upbeat and engaging.  A warm northern voice, clear and conversational, bright and energetic with a Lancashire twist.

From girl next door, to energetic young Mum to edgy youth, Jenny's voice is equally at home in a regional radio ad or edgy Spotify sound bite as it is in a professional corporate read or compassionate charity project. 

In the late teens to mid-40’s age range, Jenny can temper tone from fun and enthusiastic to compassionate and understanding, sophisticated and stylish right around to confident and contemporary.  She is often booked as ‘the voice of the customer’ or when clients want an authentic northern voice to create real standout for their brand.

Voice Descriptionengaging, young, warm, friendly, genuine, down-to-earth, cheerful, relatable, confident, youth, hip, bright, clear, chatty, melodic, quirky, open, animated, believable, natural, real, upbeat, honest.

Accents - Jenny has a natural Lancashire accent, but northern accents are her forte, particularly Scouse, Mancunian, Yorkshire and of course broad Lancashire.  She can also read completely naturally and believably in Welsh, Cockney, Scottish and Irish accents as well as internationally - standard, none regional American, New York, Texan, Californian, Russian, French and Australian.

Characters - what do you need?  Sloany, excitable Aussie, bumbling old Lord, deep south redneck, Texan dixie chick, well spoken newsreader, Californian valley girl, agressive Russian, French seductress, Lancashire lass, edgy Landan teen innit… give Jenny 20 minutes prep and there isn’t much she can’t do.

A commercial and corporate VO with an impressive portfolio of radio, animation, film, corporate, audiobooks, promo, product demo, e-learning, in-store, on-hold and IVR projects.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

Narrative Demo

IVR Demo

Clients - Bauer, Global, The Wireless Group, The Co-Operative Bank, Spotify, Colgate Max White Extra White, BBC Bitesize, TUC, The University of Manchester, Merseyrail, NHS, Arts Council England, Total Fitness, Yopa, Shop Direct, Minecraft, Think Money Group, The Scout Network, Plantur 39, Huawei, Pfizer, Celgene, Eon, The British Heart Foundation and Talk Talk.

StudioRode NT1-A Mic, Focusrite 2i2, Macbook, Adobe Audition, ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect Now, Skype

Jenny has an in-depth understanding of the radio industry in particular, having enjoyed a 10-year career in sales, creative and voiceover for Bauer, Global and The Wireless Group.  She is also a creative copywriter and still writes ads on a freelance basis for The Wirless Group.  So, she understands the creative process and the importance of interpreting copy and taking direction effectively.  As a result, commercial delivery comes naturally.

“Jenny has a very clear voice with great intonation. She was asked to narrate a film for a high profile client on a fast turnaround and she delivered on time and on budget. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
"Jenny is one of the friendliest and easy to work with people I deal with on a weekly basis. Never one to turn down a challenge, Jenny deals with each project with a cheery demeanour. Professional and helpful to a fault, I can't recommend her highly enough."
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In 2006, Emma was asked to voice the announcements for London Buses’ new onboard announcement system, iBus.  11 years and more than 60,000 announcements later, it’s fair to say that this job has completely changed the direction of Emma’s career – and she’s certainly not complaining!

Having trained as a dancer and spent several years dancing her way around the world, when her knees faltered Emma had a lasting ambition she wished to fulfil, to become a television presenter.  En route to becoming a TV weather presenter, Emma found and fell in love with radio, presenting breakfast shows for Cardiff’s Red Dragon FM and London’s Capital Gold along the way.   But it was the impact of the work for London Buses that turned voice overs into a business and a passion.

Working primarily from her home studio in the heart of Teesdale, Emma voices for clients from around the world, working not only on transport announcements but also on commercials, e-learning projects, explainer videos, phone systems and more. 

Emma’s clients include Transport for London’s Buses, Overground Trains and Riverbus systems and TfL radio advertising, Go North East’s buses, Amazon Fire TV, BP, Stanstead Airport, DLA Piper, Boehringer Ingelheim, Unilever, Anglia Examinations and Skype. 

Emma’s voice is accentless and clear, a little bit upmarket without being in the slightest bit plummy! Equally aspirational and accessible, but with depth and richness – hence being described as a ‘cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife’.  Her clarity makes her ideal for audiences where English is not the first language, which is no doubt why she works for numerous overseas clients, and on internationally-targeted e-learning projects. 

Studio Details  Microphone – Neumann TLM 106, Pre-amp – Audient ID22, Editing software – Adobe Audition 3, ISDN, Source Connect, Skype.

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

E Learning Demo


‘We’ve worked with Emma for more years than we care to remember! Emma is a versatile voice who has an amazingly high level of accuracy on the trickiest of scripts.’

‘Fast, very professional and extremely easy to work with’

‘Emma is awesome. I have used her several times for our corporate videos. She’s fast, accurate, and easy to work with. I recommend her whole-heartedly.’

‘Emma’s voice recalls a cabernet I’d have to cut with a steak knife!’

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Welcome to THE voice of BIG BROTHER Macus Bentley!


We're really pleased Marcus has joined us bringing even more depth to our talented team at Great British Voices!

Founding Director of Great British Voices Jane Farnham said:

"We're absolutely thrilled such a voice over star like Marcus has joined the team, it's a huge vote of confidence in what Steve and I set out to do with the Great British Group of companies.

This includes:

GREAT BRITISH VOICES: British Voices: for British, International and kids voices with studios!

GREAT BRITISH PRESENTERS: supplying Professional Corporate Presenters, Broadcast Journalists & Demonstrators.

and more recently,

GREAT BRITISH SPEAKERS: Providing BIG NAME Motivational Speakers, Keynote Speakers, After Dinner Speakers, Hosts, Facilitators, Comperes, ‘Voice of God’ Entertainers, Comedians, Musicians & Magicians".

In a way it's unfair to single out just one voice, we also have 200+ other talented people in the team including Darren - 'I am an IAM's Cat' and Jen, 'The voice of the Apple store', our team have been the voice for nearly every high street brand and multinational blue chip around the globe.

Hear all their demos online or call for advice on creating a shortlist to choose from!

We now have Great British Voices with well over 200 talented voice over artists all with their own broadcast studios for speedy turnaround, and we're adding international voices and kids voices with 'Tiny British Voices' You really have to be aware of all the compliance of working with children in the media and we are working with Jonanne Lamb who is an expert in this field to develop this part of the business to make it as easy as possible for media producers to get the result they need and have peace of mind everything is within legistlation.

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Channel 4 loved the way he said, "Chickens" and 17 years later Marcus is one of the UK's most recognisable voices.  Big Brother is just the foundation of Marcus' varied career.

His voice has featured on many tv programmes and helped to sell countless and varied products - including BBC2's 'Have I got News for you?', and Channel 4's '8 out of ten cats'.  Marcus' voice featured in Ricky Gervais' 'Extras', and his dulcet tones were chosen to be the voice of the prestigious BBC Proms!

Over many years as a voice over professional, Marcus has developed and honed a rich and versatile narration style (The Guardian described his voice as being like 'melted caramel'!) which has been used for a great variety of documentaries, ranging from the Discovery channel's 'The Great Biker Roadshow', to Channel 5's 'The Academy'.  Marcus' famous voice has been used in great variety of commercials to advertise products ranging from BT to Locktite Supaglue, and from Fiat cars to BP garages.  His voice has been used to recruit young voters at elections, soldiers, charitable donations and blood donors.  Marcus is very proud to have voiced nationwide campaigns for the NHS - stopping smoking initiatives and Youth Diabetes programmes.

Marcus was a Continuity Announcer at Channel Four introducing some of TVs most famous and interesting programmes into our homes LIVE!  He was also the out of vision presenter of the Sky TV quiz show, Dirty Money.

Marcus is a seasoned 'Voice of God' Announcer at awards ceremonies and events.  His recent work in this field includes -The CRN Channel Awards at Battersea Evolution. The North Lancashire Business Awards - The BIBAS at Blackpool Tower Ball room.  The FMBE awards at The Roxy and The UK Search Awards at The Bloomsbury Big Top, London.


Voice of God Demo

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Helen A

Helen is an experienced actor & voice over artist, with an actor’s flair for interpretation and character.  A classically-trained singer, Helen has great versatility and can voice both young characters and more mature voices.  Her voice has been described as smooth, professional, warm, assured, youthful and engaging.  She has a natural RP, but she can perform in a range of accents including neutral Irish and a genuine Cornish brogue (she grew up in sunny Cornwall). Her age of voice is 20 to 40. 

Since setting up her home studio in 2015, Helen has voiced and produced a wide range of corporate narration, from role-play training to Voicemails/IVR to e-learning courses and promotional videos.  She is an excellent sight-reader and is able to make dry or complex material sound simple and engaging.  Recent happy customers include Dechra Pharmaceuticals, Vodafone, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Intuition Ireland, Packaged Pump Systems, Osmonds Ireland and Kalm Training.

Helen can offer a super-quick turnaround of scripts, with most corporate jobs being recorded same-day.  She is able to connect with clients for remote direction/recording via Skype, Source Connect or ipDTL (with ISDN bridging).

Commercial Demo

Corporate Demo

IVR (Irish Accent) Demo

Narrative Demo

On Hold Demo


I have worked with Helen on several e-learning projects here in Dublin and I can say without hesitation that she is a first-rate voiceover artist. In her wonderful, neutral English accent, Helen demonstrated her ability not just to narrate, but to do character-based voicing as well. Add to this her exceptional sight-reading skills and her ability to interpret direction and you have the perfect ingredients for a VO who won't have to do take after take after take, ultimately saving you grief and expensive studio time. Helen is personable, reliable and professional and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a great VO for their project.

-Paul Fegan, Bitsixteen Studios, Dublin


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Fran trained as an actor at Manchester Metropolitan University and has been voicing for over 10 years.  

With a voice described as smooth, elegant and reassuring with a friendly, professional, creative and accomplished approach that adds an essential extra dimension to all aspects of her work.  She has worked with many UK commercial & corporate, national and international clients: Swietelsky, Greenpeace, Ikea, Arup, Silversea, Hypnos, BBC, Dyson and more.  

She also has experience in ADR/dubbing for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and has voiced many E-Learning projects, Exhibition audio guides and IVR/On-Hold messaging systems. 

Corporate Demo

Commercial Demo

Documentary Demo

On Hold Demo



Fran is one of my trusted and highly respected voice over’s. Fran is immensely talented, personable and expert in what she does! I highly recommend Fran, and look forward to working with her again soon

–Mike Sumner – Unity Films

I have employed Fran both as an actress for video shoots, and as a voice artist and am very happy to say she is an incredibly professional and accomplished performer.  She brings so much to every project, adding that essential extra dimension that sets apart those at the top of their profession and Fran is certainly that.  A consummate professional, always prepared, always a delight and always thoroughly interested; and so interesting and engaging to watch and hear.  Oh, her voice is simply wonderful too. Use her - but leave some time for us eh?

-Andrew Longhurst, MD at MultiMedia Outsourcing UK Ltd

We’ve used Fran’s voice over skills a lot over the years. She’s easy to work with and always delivers. I’m very happy to recommend her.

– Nick Illston – TV Advertising – Owner/Pace Media

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Izo studied as a Voice and Dialect Coach at Central School of Speech & Drama and has since been working as a voice artist for radio commercials, TV commercials, documentary narration, web audio and corporate.

Accents include: Edinburgh, West Country, Northern Irish, Suffolk, Australian, South African, Nigerian, and Italian.

Izo has a speedy turnaround thanks to her professional home studio, which is equipped with ISDN, and Logic.


Clients - Sky TV, The Food Network, Shwarzkopf, Ministry of Sound, The Royal British Legion, and Best Before.

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Warm, elegant and hopeful both in voice and life.  Esther is a female voice actor with a neutral British voice and a keen ear for other accents, especially her native West Midlands.  She trained as an actor, completing an MA in Acting at Arts Ed, following a career in finance.

Due to her broad experience, she is comfortable working in all areas of voiceover, whether you are looking for a clear and well paced corporate, documentary or educational presentation or the bringing to life of a wide range of characters in a play or audio book.  Esther has narrated many audiobooks of different genres including Clover Stroud’s memoir “The Wild Other”, all twelve of Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers Series and four Jill Mansell romantic fiction novels.

Esther has her own high-quality professional studio at home so is able to record at short notice and has a 24-48 hour turn around time.  Esther is always happy to provide you with a short sample of your script and can also be directed real time via Source Connect Now, ipDTL, ISDN or Skype.

When Esther is not in the booth she can often be found curled up with a book or watching a movie with her children, perfect hobbies for someone who loves producing audiobooks and character voices!

Corporate Demo

Audiobook Demo

Animation Demo

Documentary Demo

Commercial Demo

Gaming Demo

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Anthony R

Anthony delivers truth, honesty and integrity.  His voice is authentic, conversational and persuasive. 

With well over 20 years behind the microphone, you can also be sure that he will deliver exactly what you need from his state of the art studio in in Berkshire.  Anthony has worked in studios for over 30 years, beginning his career working for Elton John in the UK's very first digital studio.  He is an experienced producer as well as voice over and has a background that includes working within the advertising industry, so he "gets" it. He instinctively knows what to offer and can deliver it in any format you need. He also has ipDTL and ISDN connectivity. 

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

Video Game Demo


CAD Equitek E100s Arbico silent PC with Intel Core i7 32gig RAM running Cubase 7 with Waves Audio Platinum Presonus USB Audiobox - silent audio interface. Yamaha HS 50M Studio Monitors Source-Connect


Anthony delivered some excellent voice work for our BBC Bitesize ‘Food Chain Challenge’ project . He came in at short notice, and turned around a series of tests to ensure the client were happy with his tone and delivery, and then, not only delivered work at a consistently high standard, but also ensured a smooth process to launch with pick ups where we discovered additional v/o was needed. He turned around work efficiently and responsively, and, most importantly, with good humour. We would absolutely work with Anthony again, and would recommend him wholeheartedly for any voiceover work.

Finbar Hawkins - Creative Director, Aardman Animations (Wallace & Gromit, Chicken Run etc)

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